Detox Clearing Therapy

Strive for Clearer Skin

Your skin is the window to your health and some underlying skin conditons. What is underlying skin condition? It is when skin is in a situation that is not obvious to your naked eyes, and may be difficult to discover or reveal.

So, what are the common signs or clues? They usually present themselves as clogged pores or bumps. The common factors - hormones, stress, poor diet, pollution, under medication, poor skin health, dead skin cells build up, overactive oil glands, amongst others.

Clear skin from mask-related acne, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, bumps, and others is a skin goal for many of us. Being a pioneer in the skin health and wellness industry, treating acne-related skin issues has become one of our top priorities and focuses. This time, we bring you a treatment that does not only clear, BUT detoxify and oxygenates skin!

Introducing AsterSpring’s latest and NEW DETOX CLEARING THERAPY

Utilising the very first and new professional-grade 2-in-1 solution, Purifying Masque + Exfoliant, it clears breakouts and tackles signs of premature skin ageing simultaneously! Taking advantage of this powerful ingredient Japanese Matcha Tea, antioxidant-rich, helps to prevent acne, eliminate toxins, control excess oil, soothe inflammation and protect against sun damage.

This tri-action masque is a multi-tasker for breakout-prone skin. It combines a masque and an exfoliant to actively brighten, soothe and purify away excess oil and debris with one formulation. The use of bt-accent AIR machine (USA) with Power Essence and Soothing Rebalancing Serum further improves cell regeneration, purification and speeds up acne and scar healing. The use of 100% pure soothing compress Tisserand essential oils (Tea Tree and Lavender) enhances the calming and soothing effect.

AsterSpring’s Detox Clearing Therapy completes your purifying facial experience with double masques (Multigrain Soothing and Botanical Cooling Masque) for mattifying effect, to strengthen skin barrier, and combines with a pressure point massage. This is followed by finishing touches of toner, moisturiser and SPF to protect your skin.

Key benefits:
• Fights stubborn white & blackheads
• Clears pores & congested skin
• Lightens scars & acne marks
*100% agreed that acne mark is lighten after 1 treatment



Recommended for:
All skin types especially breakout-prone skin.

80 minutes