Light Energy Therapy

Supercharge Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why, despite a diligent skincare routine, your skin may still appear lacklustre or dry most of the time?

Mitochondria are organelles within our cells responsible for energy production, known as the "energy factory" of our body. Think of mitochondria in our cells as being like battery in a cell phone. As the battery wears off, the cell phone’s performance may be sub-optimal. Similarly, restoring healthy mitochondrial function is essential for our skin cell energy.

Mitochondrial damage in our skin cells can decrease energy production, leading to various skin issues such as premature ageing, tired dull skin and decreased hydration levels, resulting in dry, flaky or irritated skin, and a weakened barrier function. Moreover, with less cell energy, our skin may also have less ability to vitally repair itself and protect against environmental stressors, ultimately contributing to a higher risk of skin damage and disease.

According to a recent study, skin cell mitochondria can become dysfunctional due to various factors such as stress, smoking, sun exposure, age, and even blue light exposure. Aggressive
skincare ingredients can also disrupt the skin's natural energy-making process.

AsterSpring's NEW LIGHT ENERGY THERAPY is the first, innovative facial treatment incorporating four professional masques designed to address skin concerns caused by mitochondrial damage – ultimately supercharge your skin with hydrating glow!

The treatment process starts with a double cleansing, exfoliation, followed by a skilful extraction to remove impurities, and a therapeutic European massage with a combination of Dermalogica masques and massage oil to reduce skin tension, enable more oxygen to access the skin and
better blood flow.

Next, the new Dermalogica professional Light Energy Masque is amplified with red LED light technology, clinically proven to powerfully boost the skin’s energy production, reduce fine lines
and wrinkles, as well as improve skin texture and hydration.

Lastly, a final masque is applied to further lock in deep hydration, followed by an upper shoulder massage, and Dermalogica toner, moisturizer, and SPF to protect your skin and complete the treatment experience.

Key benefits: 100% agreed that skin are more radiance and smooth after 1 treatment

  • Boosts skin energy
  • Immediate hydration effects
  • Increases skin radiance & smoothness




All skin types especially for concerns:

  • premature ageing
  • want to elevate skin health to the next level

65 minutes