Hydra Shine Therapy

Want a DEWY GLOW Skin?

Have you ever wondered why most of us are obsessed with having dewy glowing skin? The kind of radiance that emerges post-exercise. If we dive deeper, it is our innate desire to have healthy-looking skin that radiates a sense of confidence, a skin that reveals a better version of ourselves.

Dewy glowing skin is a culmination of various contributing factors, amongst others – deep hydration, moisture retention, pH balanced, healthy skin microbiome with good cell turnover, elasticity, even toned and refined texture.

With covid now endemic and the new next, we understand many are becoming increasingly health conscious, even towards our skin, adopting a healthier approach to achieve a natural glow, choosing products with potent, effective and safe ingredients that give optimal skin benefits and results.

Want a dewy glow? You can attain it, with AsterSpring’s latest and NEW HYDRA SHINE THERAPY.

With the use of a professional-grade ionizable serum like the Powerbright Ionactive Serum, potent actives immediately brightens skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. The use of LDM machine from Germany increases penetration and better absorption of this powerful serum into the deeper layers of the skin. The upgraded Intense Hydra Soothing Bio Cellulose Mask, rich in Green Caviar (nutrient-rich, collagen & hydration boosting), Ginkgo Biloba Stem Cell Extract (soothing effect), Wasabi Leaf Extract (anti-inflammatory and whitening) and hyaluronic acid further improves hydration and moisture with nano, liposome and probiotic technology.

Get the dewy glow you have always wanted with AsterSpring’s Hydra Shine Therapy today.

Key benefits:
• Improves hydration* and moisture
• Intensifies glow
• Promotes skin smoothness
*100% satisfied with immediate hydration, shine and glow effect after 1 treatment

Recommended for:
All skin types especially dehydrated, dull, uneven and tired complexion. Not suitable for skin with severe acne and hypersensitivity.

60 minutes