Skin sensitivity and skin microbiome

Did you know that our skin is designed to protect us?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and plays a vital role in protecting us from external aggressors like germs.

You may be familiar with prebiotics and probiotics in health supplements to keep the gut functioning optimal. Similarly, our skin also has its own world of micro-organisms living on our skin called our skin microbiome. This includes bacteria residing in our skin. Not all bacteria are bad; there are good bacteria too. In fact, the good bacteria help to neutralise the bad bacteria from overtaking.

A balanced skin microbiome helps make our skin look and feel healthier. The latest research shows our skin microbiome plays an important role in our skin’s natural defense system.

However, balance is key. Problems arise when our skin microbiome is unbalanced. For example, a weakened skin barrier, skin sensitivity such as redness, irritation and flaking, development of eczema, acne, accelerated aging and vulnerability to various skin diseases.

Many factors can disrupt the balance in our skin microbiome, including stressful lifestyles, poor diets, pollution and even certain skincare or makeup products.

As such, we need to take care of our skin microbiome to keep our skin in a good and healthy condition.


Cleansing is important to remove dirt, oil, sweat, makeup and impurities from the skin, and prepare the skin to absorb the benefits of your skincare routine. What else can we do to have the skin that we desire? Here are some good tips to keep in mind.

However, many cleansers contain harsh ingredients that can overly strip the skin, interfere with your skin’s natural pH, and damage the skin microbiome. In addition to causing inflammation from skin barrier disruption, cleansers can excessively dry the skin and result in oil glands overcompensating by producing more oil which can cause congestion.

All Dermalogica skincare products are formulated without harsh ingredients like artificial fragrances and alcohol. In particular, Dermalogica cleansers and moisturisers are specially formulated to help support a healthy skin microbiome.

These are our favorite cleansers to help care for your skin microbiome:

1. Precleanse

For deep cleansing, use this as your first cleanse to emulsify and remove oil, makeup and impurities. Great for all skin types, with ingredients like Vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin barrier.

2. Ultracalming Cleanser

For sensitised and reactive skin, this gentle pH-balanced cleanser helps calm and cool redness and discomfort, promotes healing and protects skin against inflammation and aggravation.

3. Intensive Moisture Cleanser

Nourish dry skin with this light creamy cleanser. BioReplenish complex with phytoactives from coconut and murumuru seed butter protects barrier lipids and preserves the skin’s natural resilience.

4. Special Cleansing Gel

Suitable for all skin conditions, this cleanser is soap-free and removes impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. Ingredients like Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract are naturally foaming, whilst balm mint is anti-inflammatory and lavender helps balance skin pH levels.

5. Active Clay Cleanser

This prebiotic cleanser purifies oily skin, removes excess oil, balances and protects the skin microbiome, with active ingredients like kaolin clay, activated binchotan charcoal and botanicals.

For a healthy skin microbiome, we love these moisturisers:

1. Calm Water Gel

For skin experiencing sensitivity, this moisturiser helps soothe and calm skin whilst boosting hydration up to 105%. Active ingredients include dual hyaluronic acid technology to target different layers of the skin, apple, cactus pear and glycerin to lock moisture into the skin.

2. Skin Smoothing Cream

For dehydrated skin, this moisturiser provides 48-hour continual skin hydration and protection against environmental stress through active hydramesh technology. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid with cucumber, grape seed, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

3. Intensive Moisture Balance

For dry skin that requires more nourishment, this moisturiser helps rebalance the skin microbiome and strengthen the skin’s lipid balance for better resilience. Ingredients include BioReplenish complex, prebiotics, and hyaluronic acid with echinacea, Centella Asiatica and aloe vera.

4. Active Moist

For oily skin, this moisturiser is lightweight and oil-free. It helps absorb excess oil, combat dehydration and strengthen the skin microbiome with skin-balancing prebiotics.


AsterSpring’s Soothing and Rebalancing Therapy helps strengthen, restore balance to and protect the skin microbiome.

Benefits include immediate soothing, calming and reducing skin redness, irritation and flaking, boosting skin hydration up to 122%, and reinforcing the skin’s defense system, barrier function and recovery.

In addition to Dermalogica professional-grade skincare, this facial treatment utilises advanced technology from France including prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy skin microbiome, and Bio-Therapeutic oxygen nano mist technology from the USA for 9x better penetration.

At AsterSpring, we are here for you. Achieve #GreatSkinHealth by visiting your nearest AsterSpring centre for a thorough skin analysis, facial treatment and product recommendations personalised to your skin needs, the right skin-loving skincare products just for you.

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