Vitalzyme 15G


VitalZyme offers a blend of up to 126 fruits and plants in every convenient 15g serving. This 100% natural enzyme drink is also now powered up with doubleNUTRI® technology to provide you a better bio-availability of potent antioxidants, organic acids and phytonutrients in each serving, with better absorption rates


Who should drink Vitalzyme:
Weight-loss Enthusiasts
Busy Achievers
Priority Jugglers
Frequent Travellers
Fitness Junkies
Sun Worshippers
The Elderly
Active Teenagers


Recommended consumption
Take 1-2 sachets per day.
Best taken before meals, with an empty stomach.
Best consumed neat.
Best kept chilled or at normal room temperature.
May dilute with water (below 40°C) or juice.